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1. Well-founded knowledge of the sales channelsFor example Media-Saturn, Real, Kaufhof, Expert, Euronics, Electronic Partner, Karstadt, Medimax, Kaufland etc.

2. The greatest transparencyFrom tender to contract drafting to project assessment. With us there is no deceptive packaging!

3. Optimal use of your budgetNo unnecessary travel costs incurred thanks to the highest personnel density in the D-A-CH region as well as low training costs thanks to our modern training system myClassroom. Save your budget and invest instead in your brand presence at the PoS!

4. Contemporary campaign analysis systemsCampaign planning, analyses, reports and assessments when and wherever you want. Export function included.

5. Best personnel qualityOur standardised 5-stage programme for personnel selection provides the best results, results you can rely on. Ultimately you are entrusting your brand to us.

6. First-class consulting and optimisationProfit from our many years of practical sales experience. We analyse your existing structure and identify potential for optimisation in order to use all of your resources as efficiently as possible.

Expert with Experience!
We think further ahead than others for you.

The owner- operated company PRofiFLITZER was founded in 2004. Starting in the years immediately after our founding, it became apparent on the basis of personal experience at the Point of Sale, that the industry was about to go through a change – and needed to. Because the presentation of a brand by personnel at the PoS who aren’t with the company presents challenges for every (staffing-)service provider, a challenge that can only be met with t professional methods.

We quickly recognised that the industry had not defined any clear quality characteristics. For that reason it was all the more difficult for our customers to find the right service provider in this highly competitive market. So, we decided to offer manufacturers and retailers highly skilled personnel and develop effective reporting solutions.

Our vision is reality today. Perfectly organised casting processes as well as the use of helpful online tools are the product of our success work in development. We have set ourselves the goal of becoming the best PoS service provider in Germany. We are very proud of the fact that we offer our services to a very broad customer base drawn from well-known and respected companies and to impress even more customers than before through our effective service. We are not only united by the same objectives but most of all by our close partnerships.