“Just Dance” Events for Ubisoft


Ubisoft, one of the leading developers and publisher of computer- and video games was looking for a skilled partner in the reliable and flexible coordination and execution of its popular “Just Dance” Events. They are held annually in various electronics specialty stores and shopping malls in order to advertise current spin-offs of the successful video game series “Just Dance” and promote the sale of the game. The Ubisoft “Just Dance” Events are a particular highlight in which “Just Dance” dancers act as brand representatives in the sense of customer activation and get the public to actively participate and purchase the game.


Ubisoft’s requirements for raising awareness and drawing attention to the product launch for its “Just Dance” releases are fulfilled in a way that reaches the target groups. These include product presentations, customers consulting as well as various campaigns and promotions in the framework of these events. With this as background, Ubisoft relies on the selection, training, and assignment planning for the personnel as well as precise analysis of the success by regular reporting on the assignments. Along with “Just Dance” Ubisoft has been using these options for many years in its numerous promotions for Easter, Christmas or concrete releases of additional franchises such as Anno, Assassins Creed or Settlers. With the help of online tools such as mySales pro and myMissions, all measures for controlling and analysis purposes are tracked live by Ubisoft.

Client: Ubisoft GmbH

Project: “Just Dance” Customer Activation Events

Retail Stores: Media Markt, Saturn, Shopping Malls

Country: Germany

Period: since 2012

“The method of project management and personnel recruiting used by PRofiFLITZER is stringent and professional. The personnel that represent us are very well chosen, projects at the PoS are quickly implemented and the online tools are indispensable for our internal sales analysis and planning. With PRofiFLITZER the skill, price and performance was top-notch.”

Ms. Elke Roß, Ubisoft GmbH


  • Significant increase of turnover and sales in the stores
  • Target groups specific presentation of new products
  • Optimisation of brand image with consumers and store employees
  • Improvement of store support