Specialised consulting for Acer

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As one of the leading providers in the field of recreational electronics, Acer was looking for a customised solution for the planning, execution and evaluation of long-term and temporary sales campaigns, staffing tradeshow personnel as well as organisation and execution of training programmes. The primary goal consisted of increasing turnover at the PoS as well as preparing tradeshow presentations as well as various merchandising campaigns.


The objective of increasing sales was achieved by concretely supplying promotional personnel in the framework of long-term promotions in the MSH stores with the best sales. This included the overall coordination of the promotion, as well as the coordination with the stores involved in the campaign and the field service. Additionally Acer initiated special sales promotions such as the execution of release promotions for new products as well as the planning and execution of sales related surveys to gain information using mySurvey Analyzer. In the area of tradeshows, staffing tradeshow personnel for the most important tradeshows in Germany like the IFA and CeBIT and the coordination and deadline scheduling were also taken on. Furthermore Acer used the staffing services in the framework of other events like StartUp Acer or VIP evenings at various trade partners.

Client: Acer Computer GmbH

Project: Sales campaigns, Merchandising, tradeshow training

Retail Stores: Media Markt, Saturn

Country: Germany

Period: 2007 – 2014

PRofiFLITZER supports Acer primarily in the planning, execution and assessment of various sales campaigns and merchandising campaigns as well as presentations at trade shows and with training programmes.


  • Significant increase in sales in the stores
  • Optimising brand awareness
  • Considerable increase in turnover for Acer products
  • Positive perception of the promotion as a sale support measure
  • Best ratings in personnel quality from the stores