Specialised consulting for Olympus

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As a leading manufacturer of professional optical and digital products, Olympus Germany developed a concrete need in the areas of long-term and sales promotions, staffing and training as well as merchandising and rounding. The goal was to increase sales of Olympus cameras and accessories.


The implementation of long-term and sales promotions, staffing and rounding was achieved with the following measures:


  • Staffing promotional personnel in electronics specialty stores in the framework of sales promotions
  • Coordination of promotions as well as coordination between stores and field service
  • Execution of sales related surveys and generating management reports
  • Providing training personnel for nationwide employee training for MSH
  • Coordination and deadline agreement
  • Staffing rounding- and merchandising personnel for MSH to carry out nationwide PoS checks for analysis of goods and competition
  • Planning and execution of reporting using mySurvey Analyzer
  • Intake of goods orders
  • Announcing Olympus sales campaigns in stores and distributing PoS material

Client: Olympus Germany GmbH

Project: Sales Promotion, Merchandising, Training

Retail Stores: Media Markt, Saturn

Country: Germany

Period: since 2009

“Our brand is important to us. Part of taking care of the brand includes an optimal appearance at the PoS and a close relationship with our customers. With the assistance of PRofiFLITZER, only trained and highly motivated specialists are assigned to the PoS. This means that our customers get the best support and our store managers are highly satisfied.”

Mr. Akihiko Murata, Olympus Germany GmbH


  • Significant increase of sales and turnover in stores
  • Optimisation of brand image with store employees
  • Improvement in market support at small stores as well
  • Presentation of new products