Efficient Campaigns according to Plan!
Your Turnover is our Business.

Personnel supported sales measures – and brand promotion – in short: Promotions – are an efficient and strategically important building block in any marketing- and sales mix. Don’t leave anything to chance: We create tangible market experiences for your customers – and thanks to software based campaign analysis, measureable sales success for your product . Rely on our ROI-, market share and peak selling strategies in the areas:

  • Sales Promotion
  • Sampling & Tasting (Degustation)
  • Selection sales
  • Street promotion
  • Customer Activation


Our services – Your advantages:

  • With our nationwide pool with more than 16,000 brand ambassadors, trainers and merchandisers we provide for quantity and at the same time quality in personnel.
  • We not only insist on project related suitability tests and simulated sales discussions, but also perform a visual inspection. This helps us make 100% sure that our high performance sellers also fit with your brand optically.
  • The high product – and sales knowledge of our consultants as well as the relationship with the trade partners are preserved through low personnel turn-over.
  • For improved motivation of personnel we depend on constant communication, simple reporting and invoice handling with rapid payment as well as continuous product and sales training.


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Our High Standard – Your Benefit:


Generate added sales

Through our project focused personnel selection, we achieve an exceptionally high quality of consulting and sales at the PoS. The result: increasing, satisfied trade partners and through that increased sell-in as well.


Increase recognition

Increase your recognition among customers and consumers! We will anchor your brand through emotional charging with the target group and increase the positive image of your company.


Establish networking

Our carefully selected consulting and sales professionals will support you with direct, tight communication with your field service and with the trade partners at their respective locations.


Secure and expand market shares

The use of skilled sales employees will secure sell-outs along with increased sales area through secondary and special placements. This increases the awareness of your product at the PoS considerably.


Increase customer satisfaction

Customer oriented and professional consulting at the PoS as service for consumers and retail commerce increases brand loyalty and satisfaction.