Retail Marketing

Brand Management with System!
Your Presentation is our Job.

With our services for your retail marketing, we plan and manage all sales activating measures for your products in retail sales. This includes shelf management and product care, presentation of goods and optimising the sales area including set-up and renovation. You will profit from increased visibility of your products, better quality in your presentation and with this improved turnover in your inventory. You will have access to our inventory and quality controls at all times, visit reports, service results and customer surveys. Use our expertise in:

  • Merchandising & PoS optimisation
  • PoS furniture
  • Rackjobbing
  • Advertising materials
  • Shelf placement & decoration
  • Equipment
  • Mystery & Quality Checks


Our Services – Your Advantages:

  • With multi-stage casting, we secure uniformly high personnel quality.
  • Merchandisers specially trained on your project provide for optimal sales areas as well as efficient rackjobbing and the necessary product care in accordance with our planning.
  • Our data analysis systems help us in evaluating and optimising these measures.
  • Based on PoS information like photo analyses and visit reports, we regularly develop follow-up trainings, to improve results constantly.

Retail Marketing

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Integrated Brand Monitoring
powered by Streetspotr

Together with our official partner Streetspotr we further enable you to measure und evaluate your actions in real-time. Take advantage of our detailed shopper insights based on live data of your campaigns and products delivered directly from the POS via mobile app – by more than 470,000 real consumers worldwide!


Our Standards – Your Gain:


Standing out

PRofiFLITZER provides constant sales area care and takes care of the smooth implementation and constant control of your PoS displays, advertising materials, demo devices and much more. You get people’s attention and prompt your target group to buy.


Assured availability

Avoiding out-of-stock situations is one of the most important tasks of our PoS personnel. Thanks to regular checking and communication of your relevant stock inventories with your field service we make sure that your products are available at all times.


Keeping your image sharp

Specially trained employees from the PRofiFLITZER PoS Service contribute to the constant presence of your brands and products at the PoS and to comprehensive management of your retail stores. This includes tight communication with department employees.


Create control mechanisms

Sales success in retail depends on constantly reviewing a large number of variables. Our reliable personnel as well as our data analysis –systems will support you and supply valuable recommendations for future action.


Optimise your use of space

Presentation floors in stationary retail are cost intensive. This is reason enough to effectively use these spaces and optimally place information important to the consumer.


Reserving and sending equipment

We will be glad to take on warehousing and comprehensive logistics of PoS equipment as well as selection and supply of up-to-date turnout gear for you!