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Online recording and analysis systems are important tools for being able to draw accurate strategic conclusions during and after a campaign.

As one of the top innovators and developers in the field of such systems, PRofiFLITZER GmbH offers you a wide variety of options for calling up all relevant information about your projects in near real time. The advantage is obvious: You react more quickly and precisely to changing market conditions.


Efficient Online Training

Remote training programmes are modern, save on your budget and are flexible. They are even more effective and easy to use with fluid image transmission and brilliant sound with myClassroom!


Daily updated sales figures analysis

Assess your sales campaigns with blinding speed. Use our extensive analysis functions and export the data then using in Excel.


Transparent overview of the campaign

Track all personnel and campaign planning online! For greater transparency and clarity.


Easy-to-use visit/survey analysis

Whether customer surveys, analyses of market share, price or competition – you get a clear presentation of all the answers.


Current product availabilities

Here you get a precise overview of the existing quantities of your products at the PoS – whether the visual or warehouse inventory.


Highly informative photo documentation

You’ve always wanted to know what exactly happens at the PoS? – Here you will find everything documented with photos.


Brand Monitoring with Streetspotr

Easily get real time shopper insights with live data of your campaign delivered directly from the POS via mobile app – by more than 470,000 real consumers worldwide!